Shoreline Guidelines

Georgia Power is committed to preserving the scenic, environmental and recreational value of the lakes

A valid lease agreement (GP lots & Access lots), license (deeded lots) or Multi-Use License Agreement is required in order to receive permits for construction on GP lakes and property. A current survey and/or deed are required before GP will issue any new agreement (license, access lease, etc.).
Maximum dimensions found herein are a general standard, not a guarantee. Each permit request is handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of the GP Land Management Office.
A GP permit must be applied for and issued before beginning any construction, renovation, clearing, tree removal, grading, etc., on GP land.
A permit should be posted and be visible from the lake and/or road. Failure to post permit could result in work stoppage.
All permits will have an approval date and a completion date. These dates are recognized as the starting date of the project and the expiration date of the permit. If construction will continue past the permitted completion date then a permit extension is required.
Any changes in plans, after initial approval of construction, must be reviewed and approved by GP before change is executed.
Unauthorized construction activities or failure to comply with GP’s permitting process may result in construction delays, removal of unauthorized project, sterilization of shoreline, termination of lease/license and/or legal action.
Any ground disturbing activities shall require the proper installation of silt screen at least 26 feet from the shoreline or as determined by the GP Land Management Office and local county ordinances.
To protect the vegetative buffer surrounding the lake, no mechanical clearing shall be permitted within 25 feet of the shoreline or county setbacks, whichever is greater.
It is the responsibility of the home- owner to properly dispose of any shoreline structure/s that have been replaced or removed.
Generally, older structures that do not conform with current policies or guide- lines may be maintained, but not expanded or replaced. GP may require modi- fication of these old structures to con-form with current policies or guide-lines, prior to transfer or renewal of a lease/license agreement or approval of other construction activities.
Dumping, burying or otherwise disposing of any portion of a downed tree on GP property or into the lake is prohibited. The disposal of leaves and lawn clippings into the lake is also prohibited.
All construction adjacent to or within GP lakes shall be maintained in a good state of repair and shall comply with any and all federal, state, and local health and safety regulations as now or hereafter enacted.

Permit Applications

You may fill out the forms below and print. Complete, sign, and mail or fax to your land management office.