A Chip off the Old Dock

By March 11, 2016 News No Comments

It looks like old man winter is finally losing his grip on all of us. As we move our way through March, the time will change this weekend and the days will get longer. It is hard not to notice that these warmer days put an extra something in our step; it’s just a little a reminder that spring will be here soon.

As you are taking advantage of this spring like weather, you might find a project on your lake lot that you would like to pursue. It might be a new dock, seawall, or maybe even a new boathouse; you may decide that your existing dock needs to be re-decked. Whatever the project might be, please do yourself a favor and apply for a Georgia Power permit before any work begins. The process is easy and it’s FREE. To obtain a permit, simply submit a permit application along with a drawing of the work you would like to have done. After approval, a permit will be posted on your lot and work can begin. Your Georgia Power representative is always willing to work with you to come up with a plan that will meet your needs and the shoreline guidelines that help keep our lake a beautiful place.

Please know that building a shoreline structure without a permit can result in work stoppage and possible removal of the structure. If this were to happen, consider the amount of investment that could be lost. Applying for a Georgia Power permit before construction is the only way to go; it is the best way to avoid delays so you can enjoy the lake and your completed project.
We hope that everyone has a safe and happy spring!