Timber Harvest Activities Around Lake Harding

By March 30, 2017 News No Comments

Georgia Power recently has been harvesting trees on some of our property in the Moss Drive and the Harrisville Rd. areas as  part of routine forest management.   We want to communicate to those concerned, that Georgia Power will replant these areas.

As a matter of practice, Georgia Power’s forestry management follows the following principles:

  • Georgia Power has certified professional foresters who manage our land using their best professional judgment.
  • Georgia Power foresters follow the Georgia Forestry Commission’s Best Management Practices for timber harvesting.
  • As part of our timber management program, we harvest mature trees that have reached their optimum growth.  If left unmanaged, these mature trees are more susceptible to disease, drought, storm damage, and wildfires. They offer very little value for wildlife.
  • We typically harvest small areas of mature trees, approximately 40 acres, so that when we replant, we will have a mix of young tree seedlings, and adjacent stands of more mature trees.  This mix of uneven ages of trees offers a better habitat for wildlife.
  • Following the harvesting of mature stands of trees, Georgia Power’s timber management plans include site prepping the area to remove unwanted growth and replanting new seedlings.  This is typically done within approximately one year.  Seedlings cannot survive planting during Georgia’s summers, so seedlings will be planted during the winter season.
  • In addition, we typically exceed requirements to leave streambank and watershed buffers around our lakes.  We assess an area and avoid impacts to cultural resources, wetlands, and rare, threatened, endangered species before it is harvested.

Some of the properties that have been harvested near the Lake (Mountain Drive for instance) are not owned by Georgia Power.  Those land owners will determine next steps with their properties post-harvest.

If you have any questions, please contact the Georgia Power Land Department.