Georgia Power

Georgia Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, is an investor owned utility serving 2.4 million customers in 155 of Georgia’s 159 counties.

For more information about Georgia Power, go to www.georgiapower.com.

Land Management

Georgia Power owns approximately 90,000 acres of land reserved for future utility uses and power generation plant sites. We manage the land for watershed protection, wildlife habitat and sustainable forests. Additionally, we manage approximately 60,000 surface acres of water making up 17 lakes across the state associated with hydroelectric projects.

Our mission is to preserve the scenic, environmental, cultural and recreational value of our lands and lakes.

Georgia Power manages these resources under three basic principles:

  1. Protection of our assets and the environment.
  2. Promotion of our lands and lakes for the public good.
  3. Wise use of our renewable natural resources to generate revenue and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Georgia Power employs professionals with expertise in parks and recreation, shoreline/property management, forestry, and archeology to manage our program and to ensure compliance with the FERC licenses and other federal, state and local regulations.

Our Vision

Scenic Values

Aesthetically pleasing views from water and land

The appearance of a natural environment that is conducive to fish and wildlife and promotes the natural appearance that residents and visitors value

Residential and shoreline structures that blend into the natural surroundings, with limited footprint and minimal impact

Environmental Values

Protection of natural resources for current and future generations

Clean water that supports fish/aquatic habitat and water sports Enhanced wildlife habitats

Natural shoreline with native trees, shrubs and ground cover that protects our land and water assets

Recreational Values

Public access to our lakes and property

Clean, safe, affordable, quality outdoor experience

Natural areas for public viewing and use

Lake level management and communication

We protect these values by:

Compliance with FERC license requirements in Land Use Article and Public Safety Plan

Employee education and training

Communication, education and involvement of our stakeholders, including homeowners, realtors, contractors, and the general public

Partnerships with local issuing authorities, building inspectors, health department, and state and federal natural resource management agencies

Continued water quality monitoring of lakes and beaches with appropriate response to sources of pollution

Awareness of total watershed, especially upstream impacts on our reservoirs

Identification of environmentally sensitive areas including wetlands; rare, threatened, and endangered species areas; and cultural resources sites

Practicing and promoting conservation and stewardship of natural resources

Effective forest management to enhance natural habitats and wildlife management

Providing security measures and proper signage for a safe experience

We enhance values by:

Removing non-compliant shoreline structures

Using lake draw-downs as opportunities to control aquatic weeds, and conduct maintenance work

Sponsoring and participating in Renew Our Rivers/Rivers Alive lake cleanups

Working with lake residents to improve fish and shoreline habitats, emphasizing erosion control, and encouraging native re-vegetation of shoreline (fish structures, tree seedling program, native plant list)

Promoting and restoring wildlife habitat, osprey nests, protecting buffer areas and other native species.

Offering safety education emphasizing boating and water safety courses

Monitoring recreation needs and providing and upgrading facilities/programs to meet the needs